Get Tesla's Powerwall for Your New Home

Posted by Chris Medrzycki on May 22, 2020

Get Tesla's Powerwall for Your New Home

More efficent energy regulation in your home is not only smart, it creates more life for you and your family.  

The Tesla Powerwall is essentially an enormous battery with smart technology.  It's installed at your new home for the purposes of energy efficiency.  But more than that, its smart technology takes advantages of the economic realities of purchasing and using electricity, allowing you to buy energy when its cheap, save it, and use it when you need it.  

Tesla explains it as follows:

"If your electricity rates vary throughout the day, Powerwall will charge when electricity costs are low and discharge when electricity costs are high, generating automatic savings. Powerwall will also provide seamless backup power by detecting grid outages and automatically becoming the home's main power source. ... Powerwall gives you the ability to store energy for later use and works with or without solar to provide key security and financial benefits."

If you are in the market for a new home, why not take your new purchase as an opportunity to install a Tesla Powerwall and bring it into the 21st century? Talk with a lender today and find out if you can wrap the cost of the powerwall into your mortgage. Smart.
Here's a video from Tesla that communciates the power and value of Powerwall, or find out more at